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The Greeley Chorale Supports Real Experience for Student Conductors

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

The Greeley Chorale often supports University of Northern Colorado Graduate Students in their choral conducting endeavors. Student conductors have the opportunity to come in and work with the Greeley Chorale, providing them with valuable experience for their careers. This can range from taking twenty minutes in our normal rehearsals, to leading sectionals in our annual retreat, or leading entire rehearsals when our directors are unable to be there. When you support the Greeley Chorale, you’re directly impacting our local students.

Supporting the Greeley Chorale is even easier now, with our participation in the Colorado Gives Day program. This year’s Colorado Gives Day is Tuesday, December 10, but you can schedule you donation now! Long gone are the days of writing checks and searching for a stamp or an envelope. Schedule your donation today!

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