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Public Health & Safety Statement

To our valued patrons:

COVID-19 continues to be a prevalent force in our community, our nation, and our world. While there are currently no public health orders in place pertaining to masking, physical distancing, etc., things could change at any time. The Greeley Chorale is cognizant of the need to ensure a safe environment for our singers and our audience. We will respect any personal safety decisions made by any person participating in our events, and we ask that our audience respect any requests for physical distancing (to the reasonable extent possible) in any of our performance venues.

Additionally, the Greeley Chorale shall ensure adherence to:

· Any and all public health and safety orders issued by the State of Colorado, Weld County, and/or the City of Greeley; and/or

· Any and all public health and safety directives issued by the Board of Directors; and/or

· Any and all public health and safety expectations issued by our hosts.

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