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Greeley Chorale Outreach Initiative – Front Range Choral Alliance

The mission of the Greeley Chorale is to provide for, encourage, and support quality choral music for the enjoyment, cultural enrichment, and education of the community, including its youth, and to further the talents and musical growth of its individual members.

The Greeley Chorale recognizes the need to collaborate in order to spread our mission. As part of our outreach program, we’ve joined forces with several NOCO/Wyoming choirs in what is called the Front Range Choral Alliance (FRCA). The FRCA is housed under the Larimer Chorale, and participation ranges from choral directors, to executive directors, to chorus members. It was established in January 2018, and since then, we have learned a lot from our fellow choristers.

When you support the Greeley Chorale, you’re supporting our mission to support quality choral music within our community. We hope you’ll remember us this Colorado Gives Day, December 10th! Schedule your donation today!

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