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Member Highlight: Baritone, David Hulac

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

My name is David Hulac and I work at UNC teaching in the school psychology program. This is actually my second round at UNC – I was there for graduate school about 15 years ago, and am back teaching after a long stay away.

I have done a variety of choirs and musical theater across the years. Some of the choir pieces that have stood out for me included St. John’s Passion, the Carmina Burana, and the Durufle’ Requiem. I am thrilled to be singing Requiem for the Living for a second time. The music is beautiful! There’s nothing quite like singing. There’s that point when that difficult rhythm comes together, or that song that never quite sounds right – until it does. A solo is fun, but there’s nothing quite like getting nearly 100 singers together – on the stage in one glorious chord – making the difficult look effortless. I’ve sung in many choirs, but nothing quite like the Greeley Chorale, where everybody loves singing challenging works and singing them well.

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