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Soloist Highlight: Stephanie Doto

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Soprano, Stephanie Doto, has been singing with the Chorale for 7 years. She took dance at a young age, where she studied ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and hip-hop, and eventually went on to choreograph high school show choir for 9 years following high school. She studied music at AIMS, and continued to study it at UNC along with psychology. Now, Stephanie is a full time mom, with one son and step-daughter, with another one on the way!

Aside from singing, Stephanie’s hobbies include traveling (she traveled with the Chorale to Europe in 2017!), going to concerts, camping, and hiking – all with the people she loves of course.

Come see Stephanie, and the rest of the Greeley Chorale, at our concert on October 5th at the new UNC Campus Commons Performance Hall!

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