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Germany & Czech Republic

2017 Tour

In 2017, The Greeley Chorale was fortunate to travel to Germany and the Czech Republic. For most, this was not our first trip to Germany, but we were not short on excitement! For many it was our second time in Germany with the Chorale, traveling there before in 1985 - the very first Greeley Chorale tour. 

Bags were packed, passports were in hand, and the sun was shining bright in the mid afternoon in Downtown Greeley as we congregated at the train station. Excitement was buzzing through the air as we loaded up the busses and headed to Denver International Airport. 12 hours and a short layover in London later, we landed in Frankfurt, Germany. We were bussed to the small town of Bamberg where we would spend the next three days. Part of UNESCO, Bamberg is located in Bavaria. We were immediately greeted with drinks from the bar before turning in after our long day of traveling. As the sun rose the next day, we headed to a delicious traditional German breakfast at the hotel complete with bread, cheese, meats, and of course - coffee!

"One gentleman in the audience expressed sadness this was our last concert as he would have broadcast to all of Wales what a wonderful sounding group we were!"

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Respectfully Submitted by Susan McKenzie, Soprano

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